Emotional Intelligence in Couples Finance

by James & Miel on May 8, 2007 · 0 comments

This post is in follow up to the many great comments that were left in reaction to our latest post on battles over money. This post, and reactions to it, were great reminders to me of why we began blogging and what opportunity this gives to us as a couple, and to our readers, in contemplating the more difficult aspects of money.

When it comes down to it, making money is the relative easy part of things. We all know the basics of math, but developing strategies to dealing with money can be harder to do. Whether living within ones means or accumulating wealth, similar issues are faced in the emotional side of money. I suppose this is a central reason in why many people in relative affluence continue to face challenges when it comes to finances. While we hate to be reminded of our on weaknesses, emotional responses to money are highly influential in our long financial health. Just as is the case with emotional eating, spending and saving habits often go back to our deepest hopes and fears.

In handling finances within a relationship it important to develop ones emotional intelligence in terms of finances. Just as this will be crucial to getting ahead in the work place, developing a sense of priorities and knowing how to navigate finances as a couple will be essential to the success of any relationship. Whether finances are something that a couple discusses often or is something that is ignored until a problem surfaces, financial management affects every couple. Whether just scraping by or making your next million, couples at all levels must develop skills to cope with the pitfalls of finances.

We are happy to provide a platform for couples to consider the issues that come up in every day life and hopefully find tidbits that are helpful to others facing similar issues.

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