The DINKS May Networth

by Dual Income No Kids on May 22, 2007 · 0 comments

After dragging ourselves home from work yesterday, we sat down and added up our net worth. We are happy to report that our wealth has grown to $356,000, an all time high. While we’d like to say that we’ve been particularly clever, most of our $27,000 gain over last month has been due to the terrific performance of the stock market.

Otherwise, we avoided incurring further student loan debt and since we dumped our adjustable rate mortgages a while back, we’ve been able to attack the principle on our housing loans. Also, while we haven’t put a great deal of money into, the value of our portfolio has increased by 7 percent over the past month. While this is only $300, every little bit helps!

For the details on our networth, check out the picture below

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