Deep Freeze Your Credit Cards To Stop Spending

by James & Miel on April 12, 2007 · 0 comments

For those who aren’t regularly reading our blog, we talked a couple of days ago about ways to limit your use of your credit cards.

Er, more specifically we blogged about how making your cards inaccessible to you can be a good way to help you control your spending. Well, after talking to the idea over a bit, we decided to see if in fact, freezing your credit cards can work.

First off, we got an old card that Miel wasn’t using…

Its a debit card and I think the account linked to it isn’t working anymore, but we took the cards numbers out of the pictures anyways. I guess studying criminology has made me a bit paranoid.

After that we, filled up the mug and put the credit card in…

Its kinda hard to tell, but yes this mug is full of water!

Next, we popped the mug in the freezer.

Three hours later the mug came out like this…

Viola!!! The card was deep frozen.

So just to end this post on an upbeat note if you owe money on your cards, this could be of some assistance. By the time you thawed out your card, your urge to buy crap like teletubbies or legos or whatever will have passed and you’ll be one step closer to financial freedom!



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