Our March Financial Goals

by Dual Income No Kids on February 23, 2007 · 0 comments

I sometimes feel like a broken record saying this, but if you have goals you’re far more likely to get ahead in the world. We’ve been able to successfully save for a our wedding and the down payment on our apartment, partly because we have goals and follow up on them. Accordingly, we wanted to set our goals for March and say a little bit about them.

More specifically, by the end of March, our goal is to accomplish the following”

For both of us:

1) Submit our tax paperwork to our accountant

For Miel:

1) Contribute $1,000 to ROTH IRA
2) Save half of travel per diem from trip to Ukraine (Approximately $300)

For James

1) Contribute $200 to Miel’s ROTH IRA

2) Buy a $50 series I Savings Bond
The thing about these goals is that even though we have limited funds available, we should be able to meet these goals without a great deal of trouble. For example, the tax paperwork is mostly sitting our desks, but we just have to make time to go through it. Similarly, our personal goals make sense relative to the amount of income we are bringing in. For example, my wife Miel makes more than me right now, so her goal is higher.

Hope this helps!



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