Sharebuilder Delivers!

by Dual Income No Kids on January 25, 2007 · 0 comments

A while ago we opened an account with Sharebuilder and used a promotional code which gave us a $50 dollar Barnes and Noble gift card. I’m always a bit skeptical of these types of offers because sometimes a company will try to back out of their side of things or try to add extra restrictions on them to discourage their customers from taking advantage of the offer.

Well, not Sharebuilder! They’ve been good to their word. I just got the card in the mail last night. Granted, I signed up for the offer more than three months ago, but its better late than never.

In case you are skeptical, here is a pic of the letter along with the card.



p.s. I’m not taking any money to promote Sharebuilder.

p.p.s. However, I AM planning on selling the card for 60% of its face value, so if you’re interested drop me a line (**Wink wink, nudge nudge**).

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