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by Dual Income No Kids on January 31, 2007 · 0 comments

Good Morning all.

An interesting story on came out in the Washington Post a couple of days ago. If you have been considering getting involved in prosper, either as a borrower or a lender, or even if you just want to kill a little bit of time, I’d recommend checking it out.

To keep this posting short, I’ll just raise a couple of additional thoughts. First, the article argued that prospers only real flaw is the possibility of fraud. I think this is overblown. Most people are essentially honest and prosper does have pretty rigorous fact checking for its borrowers. Second, the article mentioned that prosper had brokered over 33 million in loans. According to our calculations this means the company is approaching profitability, so the risk of a corporate meltdown is alleviating somewhat.

Click here for the post story.



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