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It has occurred to me in my recent travels that while our blog may be focused on finances, it is really all about creating possibilities. It’s about doing more with what you have, and creating abundance in your life. I believe that by taking control over your finance life you also create a freedom that isn’t possible otherwise.

For me our blog has created the possibility of:

  • Creating a forum to discuss financial pitfalls and successes with my husband;
  • Focusing on goals and going after them;
  • Touching lives around the world. Check out our world hit map on the left navigation bar and you’ll see how many hits we’ve had in just the last three months. Seeing this inspires me to keep creating new content;
  • Being accountable for how I handle my finances. Our blog creates an atmosphere where we share our challenges as well as achievements. This keeps me in check to be straight about how my actions affect my overall goals.

While James & I will continue to focus on finances, we hope that you are able to take our insights to areas beyond your financial lives.



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