A Rags to Riches Tale

by Dual Income No Kids on December 15, 2006 · 0 comments

There is a new movie in theaters called ‘In Pursuit of Happiness”. Will Smith plays a marginally employed salesman who becomes homeless while pursuing a career as a stockbroker. While the movie is supposedly touching and well done, the real driver behind the film is that its basically a true story.

The inspiration behind the film is a man named Chris Gardner. Like the movie, Chris Gardner became marginally employed and lost his apartment while pursuing an internship at the brokerage firm Dean Witter. While he was living on the street, he managed to ace his internship and was hired by the firm.

Chris’s story is a modern day Horatio Alger tale, its a rags to riches story that exemplifies the values of parenthood, hard work and pursuing ones dreams. If you don’t get a chance to check out the movie you might consider looking at Chris’s webpage. He’s got more details of his story as well as some pictures of him and famous people.



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