Crazy Russians Might be on to Something

by James & Miel on November 2, 2006 · 0 comments

We learned in our last post that Russia is still sorting out it’s wealthy elite. They may be struggling, but a few folks seem to have benefited from this.

At the same time, Moscow is now the city boosts the largest number of billionaires, 33 whereas NYC has only 31. It is estimated that a quarter of Russia’s wealth is in the hands of just 100 people! Some of these may be questioned for fraud and tax evasion, but with $15.2B in your pocket you might not be too worried.

Folks in NYC thought they had it bad in finding an apartment. Looking for a two to three bedroom in Moscow and you’ll pay $25k a month! Fine with your broom closet apartment? We are used to those in DC, but not at $5k a month!

Seems like some things have changed since I was there in the early nineties, but I bet the Babushkad women are still begging at churches.



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