The $10.59 Mistake

by James & Miel on November 16, 2006 · 0 comments

This post is a bit off topic. When I was coming back from the university on Monday night, I lost my cell phone. When I got on the metro, I had the phone, when I got off the subway, it was gone! Its not surprising that the phone was lost, because I was feeling a little fatigued and tired and it must have slipped out of my pocket.

So, after some wrangling with T-mobile, I was able to get them to issue a new telephone. I had to agree to extend my contract for two years and pay $10.59 for the new phone, but all in all I think it was relatively painless.

The one takeaway from this is, negotiate. At first T-mobile wanted to charge me $59.99 and have me fill out a mail-in rebate for $50. Mail-in rebates are totally bogus, so I decided to wait and speak to the manager. Apparently it worked. T-mobile credited me with an instant $50 rebate and I went on my merry way with only a $10.59 charge.



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