James’ Grade for Robert Allen: C-

by Dual Income No Kids on August 18, 2006 · 0 comments

After a long hiatus, its time to turn our attention to the DINK’s guru rating system. The Guru we are reviewing today is Robert G. Allen. Robert Allen is the author of “Multiple Streams of Income” and is famous for his seminars online.

I’m awarding a Robert a grade of C-. Robert’s webpage and business models have some problems. First, his webpage is long on advertising and short on substance. This suggests to me that what Robert Allen is selling is dreams and hope, rather than actual personal finance strategies.

Second, Allen is big on exotic methods of real estate finance (such as no-money down techniques or heavily leveraged techniques). Sometimes these work, most of the time they don’t. Third, and whats worse is that Allen’s facts are sometimes flat wrong. For example, His book “Multiple Streams of Income”, contains factual inaccuracies regarding IRA’s and retirement accounts.

To be entirely fair, Allen does have some good ideas. For example, he advocates entrepreneuralism, investing and frugality. Many of the ideas in his book,
“Multiple Streams of Income”, are worth considering although the reader should guard against the factual inaccuracies noted above.

To sum up quickly, Allen is more of a salesman than an investment guru, but some of his ideas are worth considering.



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