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by James & Miel on July 28, 2006 · 0 comments

We initially read Smart Couples Finish Rich as we were preparing for our wedding. Needless to say, we had a few things going on, and weren’t able to write about the book as much as we thought would be valuable for our readers. I’d have to say that normally I buy a book thinking of who I”m going to pass it on to after I’ve read it. This book, while covering quite a bit of material that James & I are already practicing, was found to be a great resource that I haven’t yet been willing to pass on to a friend. It would be worth buying another and keeping our copy as a resource.

James & I have just now finished the first exercise in the book, determining our ‘Values Circle.’ This is basically an exercise that helps couples, or individuals, focus their energies on putting their money to use in areas they value most in their life. The idea is to use money as a means to achieve your values and reach your goals. Here is what we have for each of our values:


    • Security
    • Making a Difference
    • Freedom
    • Power
    • Love


    • Freedom
    • Achievement
    • Security
    • Love
    • Peace of Mind

As you can see, part of what allows us to get along so well in terms of money is that we overlap greatly on our core values around money. Additionally, those values that don’t overlap aren’t contrary to the senses of the other. This means that we can work together to achieve both our values and our goals together.

The next exercise will be a goal making session. We are both looking forward to defining our short and medium term goals further. We have been very successful in achieving our past goals (buying an investment property, buying our condo, joint investments, and getting married), but now need to work on further definition of our next steps in life to achieve our long term goal.

Stay tuned!


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