Miel saves $276!

by Dual Income No Kids on June 10, 2006 · 0 comments

We have Comcast as our internet service provider. Our one year promotion with them just lapsed, and they raised it from $29.99 to $57.95. Miel decided she wasn’t having it and called up Comcast. She of course got the run around from the first billing person and headed straight for the big guns of disconnection. This is where you have all the power. When they know you are willing to cancel service based on some discrepancy in the billing, they’ll do what they can to keep you. This is where they are willing to give you better terms all around, whether it be a credit card or service provider.

Miel talked her down to another year at the current promotional rate of $34.95. That’s a savings of $276 over the next year in less than five minutes of negotiations. Better us than Comcast.

Miel’s Score: 1
Comcast’s Score: 0

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