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by James & Miel on April 22, 2006 · 0 comments

We weren’t really sure which posting we wanted to start with, so we thought we’d begin by telling a little bit about how we met and became a couple. We first got to know each other when we were teenagers at the Oregon Country Fair, which is a hippie gathering started in the summer of love back in 1969.

We dated briefly in high school and kept in touch through college and beyond, but the timing never seemed to be just right. Either we were otherwise attached or in transit. Mostly Europe before the Euro in James’ case, and gallivanting around the globe for Miel. We always had a thing for each other and reconnected when James visited Miel in Portland back in 2003. Things clicked, the stars were in alignment and Miel moved to Washington a few weeks later. We promptly moved in together have been happy ever since.

Now, fourteen years later, we are getting married on July 1st at a beautiful vineyard just miles from where we met. We are looking forward to not only a fabulous party and a chance to profess our love to those important to us, but many more years of happiness together.

– Miel & James

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